Changing the marketing status quo.

BIG PICTURE: Inclusive Marketing

At Inclued, we envision a world in which inclusive marketing is the industry standard. The goal to manifest this reality drove the creation of this groundbreaking software. 

Our shared aim is to make inclusive marketing easier for marketing teams – to facilitate the progress we desire to see.


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The origins of Inclued AI

Inclued AI is the innovative brainchild of CEO and Founder Joyann Boyce. Joyann first experienced the lack of diversity and inclusion within marketing when starting her first business. 

She attempted to find a stock photo of a Black woman holding a phone. This simple task proved impossible and the diversity deficit was unmissable. 

 To remedy the situation, Joyann began a project with TechSpark called SHIFT. Together, they created a diverse digital library and attracted BBC coverage. 

In 2021, Joyann founded Arima & Co – an inclusive marketing agency. While helping marketers to become more inclusive, Joyann realised they required more support and education. With her expertise in data science and communications , she set out and developed Inclued AI to meet this need.


Meet the team

Joyann Boyce

Founder/ CEO

Tola Salua

UX / UI Lead

Tessa Alexander

Software Engineer

Grace Oriku

Frontend Developer

Jade Pett





Ben Shorrock

Managing Director, TechSPARK

Zara Nanu

CEO, Gapsquare

Tabitha Goldstaub

Chair of the UK Government's AI Council

Charlotte Lavender

Associate CMO
Product Lead


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