An inclusive approach to marketing using AI

Helping marketers identify various types of bias - from gender, race and ableism in digital content.

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Marketing has the power to change society.

We believe that by providing marketers with the education, resources and tools, they can make that impact positive. This is beneficial not only to companies but also to the consumers. 



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Creating a new status quo for marketing.

Revenue Potential

Consumers from ethnically diverse communities in the UK have £300 billion a year to spend and rising.

The Present

49% of Gen Z have stopped purchasing from a brand that did not represent their values.


70% of millennials are more likely to choose one brand over another if that brand demonstrates inclusion and diversity.


Disabled consumers are some of the most underserved. Inaccessible websites alone cause businesses to miss out on £17.1 billion.

Reduce Risk

Unconscious bias within marketing teams can unintentionally create campaigns that can be interpreted/ perceived as offensive, excluding certain demographics. In particular, the inclusive marketing movement has intensified with the global awareness of the Black Lives Matter campaign. Brands and companies worldwide are committing to anti-racist action in all aspects.



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Joyann Boyce

Founder & CEO 

Tola Salau 

UX/UI Design

Tessa Alexander

Software Engineer