Make inclusive marketing effortless with AI.

Inclued helps marketers connect with their audience by spotting and removing unconscious biases in digital content.

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Use AI to eradicate unconscious biases that marketing teams miss 

Everyone has unconscious bias (gender, race and ableist). Inclued carries out objective assessments of content, unburdened by human blind spots and implicit biases. 

Inclued AI tracks the level of inclusivity as you produce content, enabling teams to strengthen their campaigns and mitigate the risk of excluding or offending others.

Educate your marketing team to recognise and create inclusive practices 

Inclued provides digestible explanations and resources to educate marketing teams, helping teams build and embed an inclusive approach into a solid marketing strategy.

Broaden your reach and increase revenue potential

Develop relationships with the overlooked segments of your audience by involving them in your campaigns. Experience an increase in engagement and revenue as a result of expanding your reach.  

Consumers from ethnically diverse communities in the UK have £300 billion a year to spend and rising.

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Creating a new status quo for marketing.


Revenue Potential

Consumers from ethnically diverse communities in the UK have £300 billion a year to spend and rising.

The Present

49% of Gen Z have stopped purchasing from a brand that did not represent their values.


70% of millennials are more likely to choose one brand over another if that brand demonstrates inclusion and diversity.


Disabled consumers are some of the most underserved. Inaccessible websites alone cause businesses to miss out on £17.1 billion.

Inclusive marketing will become the industry standard. Make the transition into your marketing future today with Inclued.

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